Who We Are

The Louisiana State Commercial Tax Credit has leveraged more than $350 million in private reinvestment in Downtown Development Districts and Cultural Districts across the state.
...We are committed preservationists with over thirty-five years of experience in the field.  We respect older structures as repositories of craftsmanship and style and the spirit of those who went before us.  We believe that the preservation of our built environment keeps what made our local cultures unique and protects them from blending into the ever more standard sameness of today's streetscape. We honor a time when structures bore the distinction of their makers' craft, pride and experience - when materials and building skills were from close at hand and combined to create a unique artistic expression - what some today call "sense of place".  We are preservationists.  We believe preservation is important and we like sharing that notion with others.We reject the current ever shortening cycle of construction and demolition and honor a time when things were built to last.
"We believe preservation is important and
we like sharing that notion with others..." 
                                                    Paul Smith
We believe that old structures can serve new purposes while referencing the purposes and users of the past.  We believe we stand on the shoulders of our forebears and we enjoy the proud reminders of their accomplishments in the built environment around us.  Preservation is our business.
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