"Paul Smith is truly committed to preservation.  His attention to detail and consideration for historical context has resulted in several beautifully restored buildings in Alexandria's local historic districts.  His passion for community revitalization through preservation is evident.  With each competed project, additional life and history returns to the neighborhood inspiring others to action."
Megan Lord, Director, Alexandria Historic Preservation Commission

We would have lost over $80,000.00 on one project alone if we had not worked with Paul.  Thanks again, for everything...
- Mark G.
I met Paul Smith when I joined the Alexandria Historic Preservation Commission, when Paul was president.  The more I got to know Paul, through his work on the commission and in the community, the more I discovered he was a dedicated preservationist.  He is the type of all–around preservationist who is comfortable with construction, with fund-raising, and  with policy creation.  Paul has spent a lifetime gaining experience in the field of historic preservation. He is an invaluable member of any preservation project team.
- Jim Weinzettle, President Alexandria Historic Preservation District Commission
I am pretty picky when it comes to having someone serve as a consultant to me but I knew I needed some good expert advice and help so I asked Paul Smith to help me as I was considering what to do about my old home here in Pineville.  He has given me a lot of excellent help and guided me as I make decisions about this home.  I have found him to be as good as I thought and I cannot say enough good things about him as he is thorough in his work and carries out on what he says he will do.  I do not think I could have found anyone any better qualified to help me in this historic preservation/rehabilitation effort.  
- Gloria Hearn, client & owner of Myrtlewood
I am certainly glad that I came across Paul before i started with Shiloh Baptist Church.  Paul has so much knowledge and experience that has helped us avoid mistakes that might have cost us the tax credits.  it is a relief not to be relying on my own efforts for filing for historical taxes credits.
- Jim Hurst, owner Shiloh Baptist Church
Paul Smith has been a major force in the field of historic preservation in Alexandria, Louisiana for many years.  his commitment to preservation also extends throughout the state of Louisiana as he served on the Board of the Louisiana Trust for Historic preservation for 6 years.  The list of preservation victories that Paul has bee involved in includes the former Cotton Brothers Bakery, now restored and serving as the headquarters for the regional American Red Cross office, the beautiful and historic Mt. Olivet Episcopal church, and many other properties and sites important to the culture and historic character of Alexandria and central Louisiana.  As a board member of the Louisiana Trust, he was a part of developing a partnership with the National Trust for Historic Preservation by bringing their Partner-in-the Field program to Louisiana.  This program enabled the Louisiana Trust to offer the services of a trained preservation professional to government agencies as well as individuals seeking assistance with issues relating to preservation - both projects and city planning.
- John Crook, President Louisiana Trust for Historic Preservation
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