Tax Credit Consulting

Federal & State governments promote historic preservation by awarding tax credits for the rehabilitation of "historic" and older buildings.
We meet with prospective clients at the earliest possible stage of their project development (preferably prior to purchase of a property) to begin planning the process that will secure for them the maximum tax credit:

  • Initial Meeting -At our first (free) meeting, we review the intricacies of the applicable laws as they relate to our client's project and their personal objectives and explain how to achieve maximum benefit.  We review our services and fees and we enter into a business relationship secured by a letter of engagement. 
  • Part 1 Application -Once engaged, we perform the necessary research and documentation to make an initial application to the appropriate agency to establish the eligibility of the project. 
  • Part 2 Application -After the project is officially determined to be eligible for tax credits, we work with our client to develop a work plan, identifying "before conditions" and proposed treatments for the various architectural elements of the structure.  We submit this information to the appropriate agency. 
  • Part 3 Application - Once the part 2 application is approved, the work is performed as per the work plan.  We then document the work for the final part of the tax credit application together with project expense information.


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