Tax Incentives

The Congress finds and declares that:
(a)the spirit and direction of the nation are founded upon and reflected in its historic heritage;
(b)the historical and cultural foundations of the Nation should be preserved as a living part of our community life and developmant;...
Preamble to the National Historic preservation Act of 1966
Myrtlewood - Circa 1925 mansion. Application pending.
1904/1906 White St. A 45% tax credit project and an improvement to the neighborhood.
The Mayer Hirsch House. Paul's first project (1975).
2021 White St. Another 45% tax credit project and a sensitive rehabilitation.
Paul's most recent project - his home and office. Great old house...
A great downtown property.
  "We would have lost over $80,000.00 on one project alone if we had not worked with Paul.  Thanks again, for everything..." - Mark G.

Who We Are

We are Historic Preservation Consultants assisting our clients in all aspects of their Preservation Projects. We specialize in securing State and Federal Rehabilitation Tax Credits for our clients. We are committed preservationists with over thirty-five years of experience in the field.

What We Do

We advise on methods, materials and resources to insure appropriate and sensitive treatments of historic structures in accordance with the Secretary of the Interior's "Guidelines for Rehabilitation". We secure for our clients the maximum financial advantage offered by State and Federal Rehabilitation Tax Credits. We de-mistify the process...

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